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    3 Reasons Why Your Pets Should ONLY Drink Filtered Water

    3 Reasons Why Your Pets Should ONLY Drink Filtered Water

    If you love pets as much as you love humans (or more) then this blog is for you!

    There is no denying that filtered water would undoubtedly be cleaner than normal tap water, but i know what you're all thinking - is it worth the extra hassle?

    The answer.... YES.

    Here are 3 reasons why you should ditch giving your little furry friends tap water immediately:


    1. Filtered Water Promotes Better Hydration

    Pets need proper hydration, too, and clean, filtered water encourages pets to drink more. Proper hydration can positively impact the health of an animal in many ways, including fewer urinary tract infections and quicker recovery for sick or injured pets.

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    2. Promotes Better Overall Health

    Clean water can promote healthy kidney function, including the elimination of waste & toxins. Conditioned water may also protect small animals such as toy and miniature breeds that have a more delicate body function. The same is true of elderly pets that naturally have a decreased immune system and diminished bodily function. Water filtration acts as an insulating barrier between our pets and potential health risks - especially important as they age.

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    3. Tear Staining

    Have you ever noticed how certain dogs have dark tear stains under their eyes? Dog tear stains are a common problem, especially among certain breeds and dogs with white or very light coloured fur. While this is generally attributed to diet, unfiltered water (like that placed in their drinking bowl from the tap) may contain a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that build within their system. The ill effects of high TDS is sometimes manifest with heavy tearing or staining.  Many pet owners that give their pets filtered water report a marked improvement of less tear staining.

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    The best and easiest way to access quick, filtered water is by using the Porta Bottle, a portable pet water bottle with a replaceable water filter that purifies the water in seconds. 

    You can get yours by searching our website. 

    And remember.....

    Clean water isn't just for humans!